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A Faithful Friend

Dearest Sandy,
She slowly stood up and started looking around very puzzled. She was not sure what had just happened but she knew her head hurt and as she rubbed it her hand felt wet. She pulled it away from her head in fear and looked crookedly at her blood stained hand. She felt woozy and so she starting walking as she looked for somewhere to sit down. She picked up the bag next to her that she assumed must be hers and started down the street. She wasn't quite sure where she was or where she was going but she was certain that she couldn't have gone too far from where she knew because that was not like her, was it?

While she was thinking about all of this, a phone in the bag started to ring. She scrambled to find it and answered it slowly with a reserved questionitive hello. The person on the other end sounded so relieved to hear her voice and started rambling off questions that she answered to the best of her ability. She told the girl on the other end her head was bleeding and that she was not sure where she was and that she had no idea where the car she was suppose to driving was or come to think of it she had no idea what it even looked like. It also came to her that she did not know who she was talking to, so she asked. This girl was apparently her good friend and housemate. Her friends name was Sandy. Sandy told her to stay put and she would come get her. Sandy came and took her to the ER where they asked her several questions and stitched up her head. She could not remember anything even back to her childhood. She felt bad that she could not remember one of her closest friends but was so grateful that Sandy cared and was there for her. Sandy took her home and tryed to reaquaint her with things. Sandy showed her pictures and told her about herself.

Later that evening, the other housemates returned and Sandy warned them about what had happened and told them the doctor said it could take up to 3 weeks for any memory at all to return. The good thing for the girls was that school was out for the summer and the only thing the girl had to worry about was work. She was a manager and could not do her job very well without a memory. Apparently her short term memory was also shot because the next morning when Sandy came to get her up she was scared and did not remember Sandy and did not trust her. It took Sandy fifteen minutes to calm her down and reassure her everything was alright and explain to her what had happened yesterday. Sandy told her that she had been on her way to meet Sandy for dinner when she ran her car off the road into a pole that should have killed her but only gave her a bad case of amnesia. Sandy took her to work and it did not take long for her to pick right up on what her job was and start right in on things.

The girl felt like she had gained so much ground and was getting better more quickly than expected until Sandy came back that night to pick her up and she did not recognize her...again. All the housemates decided to go driving that night and show her all of the usual hangouts that she should recognize to get her reaquainted and hopefully stir up memories. They went shopping in the mall and played catch at the park. The next night at the house was couples night. Because all the girls were in relationships they had a game night every week and had so much fun doing it. It was rather an awkward situation for her and Sandy could tell by the look on her face so Sandy ended the night early so the boys would leave and she would not feel so bad. She ran to her room after everyone left and started crying. Sandy came in right behind her and sat down. She stroked her hair and told her everything would be alright. The crying stopped and she starting saying how horrible she felt for not remembering people and scared because she could not do things on her own and had to rely on others. She told Sandy how thankful she was for her and how much she wanted to pay her back when she could remember things. That night she laid awake for hours afraid that in the morning she would not remember again. This time however when Sandy woke her up she not only could not rememeber but she thought Sandy had kidnapped her and was frantic and crying and asking where her clothes were and who she was and where she was. It took alot longer to gets thing straightened out that day. Instead of going to work, Sandy took her to work with her because at least she knew she could handle it if she freaked out again. It was a very calming atmosphere where Sandy worked because it was a couseling setting and it made the girl feel alot more comfortable. A week and a half after the accident, Sandy was driving them home one night down the same street the accident had happened on. As they came up on the pole her car had crashed into, she screamed. Sandy almost jumped out of her seat in shock and asked her what was going on. She was having flashbacks. She could see everything. She knew what song she was listening to when it happened. There was a bus crossing in front of her and the sun glared off it and blinded her. She put her hands in front of her face and her body jerked forward so hard she thought she had left her flesh. She had been thrown through the windshield of the car and her head landed on the cement which is why it was bleeding when she got up. It was rather an abandoned street except for the random bus which is why no one called 911 or came to her aid. As she was yelling all of this out, Sandy interupted her and told her she was remembering. Of course she remembered, why wouldn't she. Sandy asked her questions the rest of the way home and she answered every one of them. Her short term memory and recent memory were back.

It took months for her memory to go further back than five years but slowly it did. The last week and a half was now the part she could not remember but that was the way amnesia is suppose to work. All she knew was that if not for Sandy being there from the phone call on the street to reaquainting her with life every morning she might not have made it through the last week and a half. She had one of the most faithful friends you could ever find and for that she was thankful. The End.