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The Red Rubbish Bin

Dearest Sandy,
Once upon a time, in a very large city on a very little side street in a very tiny coffee shop worked a young woman who had no self worth. She was a pleasantly attractive lady who seemed almost deaf to personal compliments. She would serve coffee from eight in the morning till five at night then she would take the bus to a nearby neighborhood, walk through the neighborhood to a park and sit under a tree that was planted next to a red rubbish bin. She would sit there pondering life for two or three hours while eating her light supper. Shortly after dusk, the young woman would walk back through the park to her one bedroom apartment in the neighborhood and go to sleep.

On her day off one week, she decided to sit under her tree all day and just sit back and enjoy life. She got to her tree and noticed her red rubbish bin was missing so she went walking instead almost looking for it but not intently searching. She came to a part of the park that she had never been through before. It appeared a bit sketchy to she took note of her surroundings as she continued to walk through. The trees in this part of the park were so beautiful and she wanted to stop and just sit under them but she didn't dare so she kept walking. For a second she thought she saw a shadow but she concluded her mind was playing tricks on her. No sooner had she determined this when she grabbed from behind and pummeled to the ground. She screamed going down but as her face was planted in the paved path she lost conciousness.

She woke up with a sickening headache and found her body had been bruised and beaten. Looking around for her attacker she found herself to be in a dark apartment alone. Her hands were tied behind her to the chair she was sitting on. She shuffled her way over to a window and it turned out she was on the bottom floor. She didn't recognize the neighborhood but she did live in a big city. She turned her head to hear the door knob slowly turning. Adrenaline was pumping and her heart was racing as the door slowly creaked open to reveal a tall, bald, ethnic looking man who just stared at her. His very look made her feel violated, like he was undressing her with his eyes. He went behind her to a kitchen and grabbed a knife to cut loose the ropes on her wrists. She didn't dare move and niether of them said a word. He went and made some food and gave it to her and watched her eat. When she was done, he cleared it and went to count money and sharpen his knives while keeping an eye on her from the table. That night he retied her wrists behind the chair and instead of going to bed he just sat on the couch and stared at her almost seeming to be studying her. She tried hard not to look at him except every once in a while to see if he had fallen asleep yet but he had not. It was a very long night. By morning her eyelids could barely hold themselves open and she felt weak and a bit delirious from not having had any water. While he was out that day, she tried to plan an escape route but fell asleep in the attempt. She jolted to an awake state again when she heard the door rattling as he struggled to make his key open the rusted door. This day went about the same as yesterday had. No matter what he was doing, he just stared at her. He would look her up and down, even staring into her eyes without making eye contact.

This night, he left the house in the early evening and did not return all the night long. Nor did he return the next day. Upon midday she finally managed to free her wrists from the numbing ropes that had held her together and saw the blistering effects they had had on her poor coffee making hands. She stood up slowly and fell over nearly fainting for she had still had no water since being there. She stumbled into the kitchen, her vision blurry as ever, and cupped her hands to drink some tap water. She splashed her face with some and then headed for the door. She jostled the handle a good while before giving up on that method of escape. She went back to the window she had seen before and now realized there were bars on it but determined she would not be deterred. She picked up the chair that had tied her down those few days and flung it through the window, breaking chair and glass. She ignored the broken glass still stuck to the window frame and started to climb through. Feet first she went and only got stuck when her hips seemed to be too wide. She took a deep breath and squeezed in all she could and pushed herself through, the pieces of broken glass slicing her side open like an envelope. Her head was barely narrow enough but it made it through and thats all that counts. As she was getting her bearings, she heard a police siren go off and ran towards it. She was in an abandoned alley running for the open street when from behind her she heard someone shout "STOP or I'll shoot." She fell flat on her face and covered her head just as the gun went off and she heard a thud in front of her. The gun man from behind her ran up to her and helped her up, turning out to be a police officer. Others quickly swarmed around the man who had fallen to the ground, whose bullet path she had fortunately taken herself out of. The officer helped her walk over to see the sight and was in somewhat shock to find it the man who had kidnapped her. He was warranted for drugs and murder and somehow that night he had made himself a little too obvious and got caught and fortunately for her because found in his coat pocket were written plans for how he was going to murder her. After the woman was taken downtown to report all that had happened to her, she was returned to her little apartment. With much counseling for the next many years, she returned her to little coffee shop and returned to her normal life, making a more concious effort to talk to people this time, but she never returned to her little park with her beautiful next to a red rubbish bin but instead bought herself a red rubbish bin and a plant so she would never have to go wandering again. The End.