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The Mountain Top

Dearest Sandy,
Once upon a time, a mountain changed a young girl’s heart. She had grown up in a loving family with two parents and a couple of siblings. She had had her first crush and given her whole heart away. Three months into the relationship her mom found out she had cancer and six months to live. This was the hearts first break. Her boyfriend was there for her and comforted her as best he knew how. Her family had never faced a trial like this and started to pull apart at the seams. Four months later her boyfriend decided he should not be in this relationship and they should just be friends. The girl he was wrapped around the next day school help explained that one a bit more. The second break had just taken place.

Two months later, just like the doctors had said, her mom passed away. It was a shock but it was not a shock. They knew it was coming but they still were not expecting it and her family was nowhere near ready for something like that. Her father went into a state of depression and started taking antidepressants and going to counseling. Her siblings just distanced themselves by moving away and did not communicate much with the rest of the family. Break number three on her heart was now in place. She could feel it crumbling inside her and she was afraid her rib cage would not be able to hold it all in and she would just erode from the inside out.

They lived out in the country so she decided to pack her backpack and leave. She made it to the end of the backyard and turned around to give it one last look. Tears welled up in her eyes as memories flooded back. She caught her breath just enough to turn around and start running. For some reason when she ran faster the speed gave her this feeling of freedom and for however long it lasted her problems were gone, passing with the wind. She made it to the base of the mountain about two miles behind her house and found the old hiking path her family used to take hikes on years ago. She had not been on it in years and had definitely forgotten it except that she knew there were markers of some sort along the way. As she started up the mountain, she decided to sort her broken heart and she was going to start with her mom. She was angry at her for leaving her family in shambles and for not being able to counsel her through her breakup with her boyfriend. It seemed like one thing just lead to another. From there she was angry with her family. How could her father, who was suppose to be the leader, just give up on them and be so worried about himself and just be taking himself through counseling when he have known full well that his family was having a hard time too. He should have been the one to pull the family together and if not him then her siblings definitely should have stepped up to the plate and not backed away like they did. Things will never be normal now, in fact she does not really even know if she will ever see them again because of the way they are all acting. They just are not acting like a family. Lastly, her boyfriend, her first crush true love whatever you want to call him cut her deep. It sounded like all too innocent of a reason that he just did not think he should be in the relationship. She thought it might have been her mom and how it was affecting her was just too much him to handle. He might not have known how to deal with it or help her through it and so it was easier on his part to just give up on her, but no it had to be something worse. It did not even matter who the girl was only that she had entrusted him with her heart and her feelings and her emotions. She had completely given him that area of her life and he chose to throw it away. She felt alone. She felt that everyone in her life had turned their back on her and no one cared about her no matter how much she had loved each of them. She was getting pretty close to the top of the mountain now and she found a stream so she decided to stop and get a drink. She felt very thirsty and dehydrated but between hiking a mountain and all the crying she had been doing, she definitely was. A few steps later and there she was, at the top of the mountain. It took her breath away. She could see for miles in every direction. There were more mountains and little towns and her house. There was her house. Alone and angry it stood as it cried out to be lived in again with joy and laughter…..and love. And then she realized that the house represented her. She was alone and angry and crying out for her life to be like it always was, knowing full well it would never be that way again. She decided right then and there that she going to leave it behind, the house and the old her. She was giving it up and starting fresh. She decided to go and live with an aunt and uncle who raised her like she was their own daughter and she did love again and this time it turned out to be the one. They were married and had children and raised them with the love and admiration her parents had raised her with and once again her life was filled with the joy and laughter that she had felt her old life behind for and started looking afresh for on the top of the mountain. The End.