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So Fast

Dearest Sandy,
It all goes by so fast. Somewhere it says we are here but for a moment and that is really what it feels like. I do not know why but I just want to freeze every moment. There are so many I want to repeat until the end of time and others that will never happen that I oh so badly wish could. Why can we not openly express ourselves and come across the way we meant to. Why do some of us tell stories better than others. How can we be so happy with our lives one minute and completely jealous of someone else's the next. How can you be distracted by every little thing around you so badly that you cannot even hear your thoughts and then be completely oblivious, almost out of your control. How can we produce the most profound thought ever and discover something completely new to humanity and then forget what fireworks are. How can we be as innocent as a child one minute and as guilty as a criminal the next. Why sometimes does it only take something as small as a swing to entertain us for hours and sometimes not even a 100 mile an hour roller coaster cannot keep our fascination for a few seconds.

Jealousy hits again, why can I not have what they have or think the thoughts that they think. Why can I not spend time with them when I want to or why do they not want to spend that time with us. Why is change sometimes sad and sometimes exciting. Why does it work so that we hate to leave those we love to meet those we fear to get to know who end up becoming those we hate to leave because we come to love them. Why do we so much of the time only imagine and never act. Why is the fear of failure often stronger than the fear of never knowing. Why do back massages put you to sleep and why do I want one right now and why are they unprofessional. Why when you just let your music play do you fear that you will have to change the song every time to keep a certain mood but it somehow knows thats what you wanted and keeps playing the genre you were looking for without you having to change the song every time. Every aisle is a different world I swear. In one, a young boy is traveling off in a pirate ship while in the next a woman is figuring out the cure to cancer. A library worker is shelving books while three aisles down a young couple with tightly clasped hands is discovering the mysteries of Shakespeare. It all seems like a fog when a obnoxious ring tone brings it all to an abrupt end. Why does part of you love it so much when things are going seemingly nowhere and you do not even want to know that time exists and then part of you loves it when things are on the move and get this done, be here, accomplish that. Why do some people sleep better with the light on and some with the light off or some better in the Sahara and some better in the arctic.

Diversity, it is what brings us together. Uniqueness is what makes us want to be around each other. Individuality is what gives us the drive to want to discover another person and understand them and celebrate our differences because in doing so we uncover our similarities though unintentionally and thus in the end we are all the same. Different through perhaps talents, gifts, and passions but all desiring, needing, unable to live without another person whose only desire is to know or desire to know you as well as you desire to know them.