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You look so peaceful lying there tonight

Dearest Sandy,
You look so peaceful lying there tonight. I wish I could tell you how much I'm going to miss you so let me try.

I want to be there when you say your first word. I want to be there the first time you say I love you. I want to be there when you learn to tie your shoe. I want to read you your first bed time story. I was hoping our favorite could be The Little Red Hen.

Your first lullaby was Jesus Loves Me. You smiled when I sang it to you. If you ever have a daughter, she will enjoy that song. You were happier when I sang to you-all peaceful and warm looking.

You have my curls and those big brown eyes-those are mine too. Darling, when you learn to read, start with Winnie the Pooh. That was my favorite.

Darling they're telling me my time is up and I have to go. There's so much more to say but the most important thing I want you to know is that I love you.

There's one more thing I need you to know-the reason I can't be there-the reason I won't be there like I want to be--is Jesus. When you're old enough learn all you can about this Jesus, I hope you learn to love Him as I do, and if you ever have the opportunity to make the same decision that I have to make, I hope you'll make the choice I did and take the stand I'm about to take. They're calling my name, I know the question they are going to ask and I know the answer they want me to give but I know that it is not the answer I will give them. Darling no matter the cost, no matter what happens to me I love you and I always will and I will see you again one day. - Your mother. The End.