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Stay Calm!

Dearest Sandy,
Shh, stay down, don't let them see you. We're gonna take that first left then its a straight shot until you see a tunnel to the right. When you get there dive in and just hang onto me because it'll be like no theme park ride you have ever been on before. The landing will be a little rough but once we hit bottom I'll explain more. But remember just follow my directions no matter what and if I fall behind keep going and don't look back. There will be someone to meet you at the bottom of the tunnel and you will be out in no time. You weren't making very much eye contact with me and when you did it was like you were staring right through me. Are you ready.....lets go....creeping, crawling, heavy breathing, running, holding your breath......eventually the tunnel was in sight and I dove in and you followed right behind. It was one of longest tunnels I had ever ridden down and we landed in the laundry room. I quickly made you change your clothes because orange jumpsuits tend to look suspicious in public places which is hopefully where we're headed. There was somebody there who directed us down some steps beneath a floor panel where we followed this guide for five miles or more in silence through a tunnel only wide enough for one person. I hung on tightly to your hand as we were guided through. We took right turns and left turns and soon we came to a place where the tunnel widened and the guide turned around and left us. We kept walking about another mile and we came to another set of steps which led up to a room where we had been given a password to get a driver to take us to the airport. We looked horrible but as long as we were getting away from there I didn't care how long I had to wait to clean up. We got to the airport and someone met us with our tickets and gave us some money to get us started with. We got on the plane and got out of the country never to return. You hadn't said a word all day and I was worried about you. Every time I talked, you just stared right through me. I mean I know we had just been through the most dramatic experience of probably your entire life and I knew there was alot going on in your head but I also knew you needed to talk or you'd hurt yourself more by keeping everything bottled up.

We were missionary kids in the Soviet Union. Yesterday our house was under attack and they started bombing it. You and I were in the kitchen so we ran out the back door and ran right into the attackers. The house went up in smoke not ten seconds later and I knew we were the only ones who got out. They took us to a high level security prison where we had been for the last week. They treated us horrifically while they were deciding what to do with us. Meanwhile some of the villagers had come to our rescue except they thought they only had me so I got out. We strategized for the next day and a half on how to get you out and then get us out of the country. I know you must have felt betrayed and abandoned and I am sorry for that and I will never leave you again, I promise. So, I came back for you and I got you out and we got out of the country. I guess we will go to one of our host churches and ask for help to get on our feet. I can get a job and support us and you can keep going to school until one day maybe we can go back there and pick up where mom and dad left off. I know this hasn't maybe completely sunk in for you but when it does and you need to talk I'm here for you and I will always be there for you because you are my sister and because I promised I would take of you no matter what happened. The End.