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The Flag

Dearest Sandy,
They had more energy than the sun did that morning and they were anxious to use it. The sunlight streaming through the blinds in their bedroom woke them up. As the sisters climbed out of their beds with "I am going to conquer the world today" vision, they dressed and went downstairs to eat some rice crispies with milk. After breakfast, they each put together a napsack filled with a pb&j sandwich, a bottle of water, a camera, a map, a flashlight, a whistle, and a small first aid kit. The girls kissed their mother goodbye and took off on an adventure they would not soon forget.

There had been a flyer in the local grocery offering a prize for the first individual who could retrieve the miniature american flag planted atop a small mountain outside the city. The two sisters had gone hiking on this mountain before but had never been to the point where the flag was. Being it the late 19th century, there was no technology such as gps to assist in finding the flag so Ann and Ruth set out to find that flag. At the base of the mountain was a path with a sign that read "Flag this way ->" so the girls followed it. They had been told it was a 4 hour hike and though this slightly discouraged them, they continued on.

Along the way the girls found many things to take pictures of like strangly shaped trees and a top down look on the town they lived in. It was getting close to lunch time and Ruth began to get hungry to they stopped to eat their sandwiches. Half way through their lunch break Ann heard something rustling in the bushes coming toward them. She hushed Ruth but when she did the noise stopped. Ruth told her she was hearing things and went on eating. The rustling started again and this time Ruth heard it and the girls began to tremble. They dropped the sandwiches and crouched down behind a nearby boulder. Ann and Ruth held each other tightly and watched fearfully as it came closer. Then as if an earthquake had just taken place a giant black bear burst out of the bushes and pounded its paw on the ground so hard it nearly knocked the sisters backwards. Ruth's grip on Ann tightened and Ann held her sister closely. The bear was not angry but appeared to have fallen out of the bush and so appeared as if it was lunging at something. It waddled over to the sandwiches and swallowed them like they were crumbs. Not ten seconds later there was a gunshot that sent the bear running and the girls flat on the ground as they now had absolutely no idea what in the world was going on. Three men proceeded to slash their way through the bushes and without even noticing the girls ran after the bear with a "This way men..we'll have that there bear before sundown." A bit traumatized Ruth and Ann stood up and shook the dirt off themselves. Ann noticed that Ruth's knee was bleeding probably from being forced into the ground by the gunshot so they cleaned that up and after a brief recouping, they decided to go on and so after some video documentation of what had just taken place they continued up the mountain. There was little excitement the rest of the way up. The girls had to bring the map out a few times as they had fallen away from the path a bit but nevertheless they made it to the top and found the flag without much trouble. After some more video documentation of the flag finding and uprooting, the girls headed back down the mountain.

On the way down the girls found the lost path and so did not retrace their steps from earlier. The sun was beginning to set as they girls tooks the last steps out of the woods taking pictures all along the way. At the bottom several of the town members amoung whom was their mother had gathered to not only congratulate them on their accomplishment but to tell them that there had been a giant black bear killed on the mountain while they were up there. The sisters had many stories to tell their mother but first they took the flag to the grocery and collected their prize which happened to be not only a cash prize....... but also two small black bear stuffed animals. The End.