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The Story in a Box

Dearest Sandy,
Once upon a time, a girl wrote a story that was read by no one. She wrote the story and hid it away from the world not because she was afraid of what people would think or who would read it. No, her fear was that her story might come true. She knew its possibilities which is why she wrote it but the reality and actual possibility of her story happening was so real to her that she didn't want anyone to know what may happen because she knew that no one would believe her and so for now they would do nothing but when her story came true they would feel so horrible for knowing it was coming and doing nothing about it. So to keep anyone from feeling future guilt she thought it would be better if they just never knew it was coming. She took the story and put it in a box and buried the box in her closet that she never seemed to get around to cleaning. The story and the box were soon forgot about and the girl went on to start her next year of school while a friend she had been very close to started to distance herself from her. They hung out less and less and even stopped talking to each other in school. The girl hadn't developed a new group of friends but had just withdrawn herself from the world almost. A week later she decided that she would go visit her friend at home and see if they could patch things up. As she went up to her bedroom and opened the door, she found her laying out pills on her bedstand. They were both in shock as the girl didn't expect anyone to walk in on her and her friend wasn't expecting to find her laying out pills. Tears started both of their eyes and they hugged for awhile as comfort was given to the girl about to commit suicide.

The girl was withdrawn from school and sent to a private school where she could recieve help and counsel to help her heal and turn things around. It turned out she had been experimenting for quite some time with smaller doses and monitering their effects to see how much she would have to take to never wake up again. The reasoning behind it....her mother had commited suicide in the same way when the girl was only eight years old and she never knew why her mother hated life so much and what made her want to end life but she decided that what she had was much less than what her mother had so her life must be worse than her mothers and so she would be better off dead too. After her mothers death, her father moved them to a new town where no one knew her story except this one friend. The girl was the most outgoing and friendly person, so full of life and vigor and involved with everything imaginable. She was full of purpose and was always trying to make the world a better place and make everyones life easier. Do you see how it would be easy to think this girl the last person in the world to commit suicide?

Now remember the box and the story that got buried in the closet. It reads like this....Once upon a time there was a young woman who was on top of the world. She married her high school sweet heart and had one very special baby girl. She rose in the professional world and her husband did the same. They lived in the good part of town and pretty much had the world at their fingertips. Just before she reached 30 she found out she had developed a cancer that was curable but would take time to cure. She had quit her job because the medications she was on affected her ability to think and even be able to stand for certain periods of time. Her parents were in a car crash and died within a year of her finding this cancer. She became depressed and started the abusing the pain medications. The cancer had gone away but its effects kept her on the pain meds. A month later her husband was laid off and they to move to a less expensive, lower class part of town. Pressure was building for her to find a job to help pay the bills and her daughter was slipping in school as her parents had less time to help her. The woman decided her family would be better off without her and the world would just be a better place without a pain medication addicted, jobless, neglectful mother. So the next day while her husband was working at an inbetween job and her daughter was at school she overdosed on her pain medication and killed herself. And so our story ends with this.... The girls father knowing how this might affect her told the girl her mother had been poisoned and decided to relocate them to gave them both a fresh start and so they did. So you see by ignoring your past your future is in danger of repeating it.The End.