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How do I wake up

Dearest Sandy,
I waited and you never came. I stood by the window for hours though it seemed like ages had gone by. Many a figure crossed by casting shadows across the way but never your figure. Many voices echoed about, both cheerful laughs and angry roars but no voice had your charm. I thought about the many places you could be. I thought maybe you were taking on an adventure on the high seas or in the deep jungles, fighting to stay alive perhaps or perhaps trying to die. Maybe you had been kidnapped and I would have to come rescue you and take on my own adventure. Maybe you had run away and me finding you is the last thing you wanted. You could be injured and not able to get here or you could have found someone who was injured and be caring for their needs. I wondered if I had done something that offended you and so you'd decided not to come. Maybe we were in the middle of an argument and I had forgotten or wasn't aware. Maybe I initiated it and needed to ask your forgiveness. Maybe thats what this was all about and maybe you had decided you didn't want to forgive me or it just isn't that simple and there was more I needed to do to reconcile and I wasn't willing so you weren't going to waste your time. Or maybe you were going to come and I was just really early because I was nervous. Maybe we weren't arguing at all and I just had something really important to tell you and I wanted to be early so I could think through how I was going to say it and what words I was going to say. Maybe you had something to tell me and I was anxious to hear what it was so I was there early. I could be at the wrong place but isn't this where we always meet and if it is then how could I be at the wrong place or how could you have forgotten something so routine so habitual. Wait, I've got it, I know why your not here and I am and I have no idea why I'm here and you're not and I don't know if this is the right place or if this is the right time, I know why.....it's a dream. It's gotta be, thats the best explanation for it but then if dreams are suppose to be happy why is this one so confusing and depressing and in fact it's making me want to wake up. I guess it can't be a dream, maybe a nightmere and if thats the case, I want out now. How do I wake up.....where are you......wake me when you get this, would you. The End.