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The Best

Dearest Sandy,
Her hair was done just right. Her eyes were sparkling as the last bit of eyeshadow was applied. She zipped up the dress and slid into the glass slippers or so they looked, to her. She descended the staircase as she slipped on her long white gloves. She picked up the book and went out the door. When she got to the restaurant, she asked for the usual table and ordered her usual meal and she waited. She finished her meal and began to read the book while she waited. People walking by complimented her on how beautiful she looked. She read some more of the book, paid her bill and left. She went to a park and started to take a stroll. Coming to a bench with a lamp above it, she stopped to read and she waited. When she resumed her walk, she started to sing. At the end of the walk, she got back in her car and waited. After a few minutes she started to drive around and went past the usual meeting places but nothing happened so she went home. Rather upset she took off her makeup and changed into some regular clothes. She put the book away and did not know what to do with herself to she collapsed on her couch. She sat in silence for what seemed like years. She thought through every thought she had and then just sat in silence. And when she was completely relaxed and listening to nothing and focused on nothing else, it happened. "There you are" the voice said. "I've been waiting for you all evening". Still a bit outraged she explained how she had put on her best dress and went to the best restaurant where they had prepared the best food and she had been reading the best book and she looked in all of the best places only to find nothing. "You don't need to be dressed your best because I have clothed you with my love" the voice said. "You don't need to eat the best food because I will fulfill your every desire and you do not need to just read the best book because knowledge without action is worth nothing. I am not always found in the best places either; so because you cannot go to the places I am worthy of I have come to a place where you can meet me. When your heart is quiet before Me, that is when I can speak to you and you will hear and understand. Please do not just give me your best but give me your all." The End.